What Must I Do To Be Saved?
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What Must I Do To Be Saved?
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Fall Missions Conference: "WORLD MISSIONS OUTREACH WEEK"

Theme: "Piercing the Darkness"
- An up close look at the religion of Islam - it's followers and their need to know Jesus Christ.

    “I am sending you to open their eyes
    so that they might turn from darkness to light.” Acts 26:17b, 18

      Bob and Debbie Sayer, USA Director, Arab World Ministries
        In the midst of a successful career as an optician, Bob, with his wife Debi, were called to service in missions. They trained at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and graduated with degrees in International Ministries. They began their mission service as tentmakers in Morocco.
        Upon their return to the U.S. in 1993, Bob became AWM's Campus Recruiter. He has challenged students across the U.S. to live out a life of witness among Muslims in the Arab World--the heart of Islam.
        Bob is now Arab World Ministries' U.S. Director, providing oversight and direction for the agency's U.S. operations and mission members. He has traveled extensively throughout the Arab world, encouraging teams in North Africa, the Middle East and the Arab Gulf.
      Walie Ahmad, BCM, Intl. a convert from Islam
        Rev. Wali Ahmad is the Director of Caribbean Ministries with BCM International. He coordinates the ministry of more than 25 staff working in 6 countries including BCM’s Camp and Children’s ministry in Cuba.
      Cindy Houser, CEF, Fiji
        Cindy Houser is one of our “own” missionaries who grew up at Grace Church. She has served with CEF International in Fiji for 7 years. She is now doing graduate study at Columbia International University as she waits on the Lord for her next assignment.
      Mike and Elizabeth Jocum, Pioneers, Indonesia
        Mike and Elizabeth Jocum minster with Pioneers locally, assisting churches in their outreach to the unreached of the world. They formerly ministered among the Muslim peoples of Indonesia.
      Don and Pam Kuntzman, BFC, Board of Missions
        Don & Pam Kuntzman have been sent by Grace Church to minister with the Board of Missions of the Bible Fellowship Church. They have both a local and global outreach.
      Sheila Saunders, CEF, Delaware County
        Sheila & Jay Sanders have ministered to our children for many years for which we thank them. They are on the staff of Delware County CEF.
      Craig and Mary Tress, Word of Life, Australia
        Craig and Mary Tress are also “home grown” missionaries who now serve with Word of Life Fellowship in Australia. Take time to get to know them and their children Rachel, C.J., and Nathan while they are with us.

    Sunday evening, September 30th
    6:30 - 8:00 pm

      2007 Summer Short Term Missions Team Reports
      Challenge for 2008 Teams

    Tuesday morning, October 2nd
    9:30 am
      Ladies' Prayer for Missions
      Special Guest - Tracy Das.

    Wednesday October 3rd
    9:00 am

      Special Prayer Meeting
      Missionary Guest - Craig Tress
    5:30 pm
      Supper prepared by the 2008 Teen France Team
    7:00 - 8:30 pm
      ChIPS Choir
      PRade of Flags
      Introduction of Missionary Guests
      Speaker- Rev. Wali Ahmad - “God delivered me from Islam”
      *Kid’s World Outreach Program
        Elementary School – Elizabeth and Mike Jocum – Room 206
        Pre-school – Sheila & Jay Sanders – Room 004
        Nursery available

    Thursday October 4th
    7:00 am

      Special Prayer Meeting
      Missionary Guest - Don Kuntzman

    7:00 - 8:30 pm
      Home meetings with Missionaries:
      (Presentation, Q&A, Prayer, Refreshments)
        Bob and Corrie Evans at Bromley Home (610-459-8058)
        Tom and Kelly Gambrill at the Dutton Home (302-475-1353)
        Don Kuntzman at the Taylor Home (610-874-5660)
        Craig Tress at the Clontz Home (610-565-8040)

    Friday October 5th

      Special Prayer Meeting
      Missionary Guest – Mary Tress

    7:00 - 8:30pm
      Missionary Presentation - Speaker, Bob Sayer - “Beware” - Introduction to Islam
      *Kid’s World Outreach Program
        Elementary School – Elizabeth and Mike Jocum – Room 206
        Pre-school – Sheila & Jay Sanders – Room 004
        Nursery available

    Saturday October 6th
    9:00am to 10:45am

      Prayer Time for the entire family (Children, Teens, All adults are invited)
      Continental Breakfast
      Missionary Sharing
      Challenge – Debbie Sayer
        *Special Prayer Program for Children
        Nursery available

    5:30pm to 8:00pm
      Bring your favorite dish plus a salad or dessert International Fashion Show
      (If you have a costume or clothing from another country, please wear it)
      Missionary Presentation - Speaker, Bob Sayer
      *Kid’s World Outreach Program – (after dinner)
        Elementary School – Elizabeth and Mike Jocum – Room 206
        Pre-school – Sheila & Jay Sanders – Room 004
      Nursery available

      You don’t want to miss this!
      Let us know you are coming – sign up
      Click here for International Potluck Form or get form at church.

    Sunday October 7th
    9:00 – 10:30 AM
      WORSHIP SERVICE (Combined worship service)
      Special Music
      Time of Prayer and Worship
      Missionary Presentations
      Speaker, Bob Sayer


    10:30 – 11:00 AM
      International Teas, Coffees and Snacks in the Gym
      Visit Missionary Displays
    11:00 – Noon
      SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASSES Teenagers – Bob and Debbie Sayer
      Missionaries in all adult classes:
        Don Kuntzman in Room 103
        Cindy Houser in Room 104
        Craig and Mary Tress in the Sanctuary
    6:30 – 8:15 PM
      *Reports from Kid’s World Outreach Programs
      And Children’s Summer Reading Club
      Special Film “Behind the Sun!”
      Challenge, Bob Sayer “Piercing the Darkness” – Ceremony


    *Programs for children and nursery provided.

    • Present an up close look at the Religion of Islam – it’s followers and their need to know Jesus Christ as Savior and deliverance from darkness to light. More than 1 billion people on planet earth consider themselves followers of Islam. Between 5 & 6 million live in the USA We are hoping that as a result of this week some might be inclined in new ways to reach out to these people.

    • We are praying again for at least 60 individuals to participate in our short term mission programs in 2008.

    • We are trusting that many more in our congregation will make prayer for the people of the world and our missionary family and organizations a part of their daily routine.

    • We are asking the Lord to call some individuals from our congregation into career Christian ministry as a result of this conference.

    • $20,000 to be used to help meet the needs of our missionary family and our expanded missions outreach.

        1/3 will be given to (the hospital in Amman, Jordan)
        1/3 will be used to help meet the outgoing expenses for Craig and Mary Tress for their return to Australia.
        1/3 to help fund GBFC Short Term Missions Programs in 2008.

      Please ask God to show you what He wants you to do in accomplishing these goals.

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